Over the years we have tried and continue to test a variety of natural materials in an attempt to create strong, light surfboards that performs as well if not better than their synthetic counterparts. 

When selecting these materials we think about the lifecycle of that material, How and where it's produced, how it will be processed and implemented in the product, How we can dispose of the excess material and what will happen to that material at the products end of life. 

Theres so many criteria these materials have to meet to make it into our boards, The environmental implications of the materials are really important to us but we also want to create products that perform exceptionally well and last a long time so theres a lot of factors that we consider. 

We currently use locally blown, recyclable EPS foam, Plywood rails and we either skin them in NZ grown Paulownia or Cork which we reinforce underneath with hemp and bio resin then coat with natural hard wax oil. 

Wood or Cork, Whats the difference?

All our constructions have wood on the bottom, This provides strength, springback and a durable surface that won't get pressure dings which affect the hyrdro dynamics of the board. 

We then offer Cork or Wood for the top deck. Wood is great if you want durability as it has very good ding resistance properties, However having wood both sides does result in a stiffer board. 

If performance is important to you we suggest a cork top, It will pressure ding but having a soft material on the top allows the board to flex which provides better acceleration out of turns. It also has a dampening affect which results in a super smooth ride.