What are the boards made from? 

Our boards are made from up-cycled polystyrene building waste, Fijian made Bendy ply, NZ grown Paulownia, Hemp Fibre, Low VOC Glue and Entropy Bio Resin. 

How much do they weigh?

About the same as a PU/PE board, approximately 100grams per L. 

Why do they have 2 leash plugs?

The second "leash plug" is actually a vent. The core of our boards is low density polystyrene, Which means they have a lot of air in them, This air expands when it gets warm. The vent allows this air to escape from the board. 

Are your boards strong? 

All our constructions are really strong and won't snap from normal use, Our wood decks are pressure resistant but a bit stiff, Our Hemp decks will get pressure dings like conventional fibreglass boards but they have a lot more flex. 

What do I do if I hit a rock?

Get out of the water, Dry the damaged area, Sand it lightly, Fill the dent with epoxy solarez in the shade, cover the area with glad wrap, take it into the sun, leave for 3-5 mins and remove the glad wrap. Job done. 

How thick is the timber?

The rails are 20mm thick, Top deck skins are 3-4mm and the bottom decks are     2-3mm.

What is the flex like?

Our wood skinned boards are quite stiff, They are fast, responsive and suitable for recreational surfers, Our Hemp skinned boards have a lot more flex and are better suited for good surfers. 

Are they buoyant? 

Yes, More so than a conventional PU board. This is due to their low density core. We usually recommend dropping about 10% of your normal volume when buying one of our boards. 

Can I get FCS fin boxes or Glass On fins? 

Yes we can, However we have found the futures boxes are stronger. They are also cheaper. 

What sort of finish do the boards have?

We typically sand finish the boards to about 600 grit, This provides a satin finish similar to that of the natural material within. We have done a couple of gloss boards but they look a bit plastic. 

Do you offer any finance options? 

Currently not but you can Laybuy your board while we make it, To do this select "Laybuy" in the payment options tab of the custom board builder app. This will charge you 20% and you can pay the rest off over 6-16 weeks and we will make sure the board is finished when your final payment comes through.