Extendable Warranty

We are so confident in the strength of our boards that we offer a 1 year extendable warranty against snaps in normal use on all custom orders with some conditions...

Warranty applies to all custom boards which feature the parabolic rails and excludes our soft top range (These are designed to be safe for kids and beginners in small - medium waves and are not suitable for good surfers in big waves)

If you do manage to snap a board you must send it to us at your expense for us to establish how and why it snapped. 

If we conclude the board snapped in "normal use" we will make a free replacement of the exact same board and you will only need to cover the freight. 

Normal use means surfing and duck diving and excludes but is not limited to collisions with other surfers, other watercraft, rocks, reefs, other floating objects etc.  

To claim the warranty we require that you repair any dings promptly and keep the board watertight. 

To extend your warranty simply remove the wax and bring your board into our Lyall Bay factory for an inspection and pay for any repairs or maintenance work to be done. 

Any snapped boards will be dismantled and the materials recycled where possible.