Built from a love of surfing and a belief that the products we use to enjoy the natural environment should be made from materials that don’t contribute to it’s decline.

Custom Surfboards

We specialise in making one off, sustainable custom surfboards. If this is what you are looking for in your next board we highly recommend pouring yourself a hot cuppa, setting aside 15 mins and clicking the link below.

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Soft Tops

Have you seen our eco friendly soft tops?

They have a wooden bottom skin for strength and speed and a cork top and rails, Making them safe and affordable for kids and beginners.

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Machine shaped, vacuum laminated blanks for shapers and backyard builders.

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Materials & Constructions

We source the most eco friendly materials available to produce a variety of constructions and tailor every board to suit the individual surfer. 

We aspire to offer the performance characteristics surfers expect from a traditional constructions using recyclable and plant based materials with an emphasis on longevity and durability.

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1 Year Warranty

We have made over 600 boards and have had no reports of any snapping!

So we decided to offer a 1 year extendable warranty on all custom orders. If you damage your board under normal use conditions and we can't fix it we will replace it for free.

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Global Shipping

We ship boards all around the World in our unique cardboard packaging.

Each box is custom made to fit each board and protect it in transit. They are made from recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

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Come visit us to discuss your next board and see where it all happens at 7 Rua Street, Lyall Bay. A stones throw away from Wellingtons best surf beach.

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