Slow Is Fast: On the Road At Home

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Slow Is Fast chronicles what Dan Malloy has called "a mini-adventure in our own backyard." In September 2012, three men jumped on a train headed north -- along with bicycles, a surfboard, wetsuits, flippers, a microphone, and some cameras. The idea was to travel down the boast by bike, stopping to surf; staying with friends, family, and acquaintances; poaching camps when need be and doing their best to ear their keep and to learn from folks who do good work and get by along the California coast. They visit a horse-powered farm, an activist/artist farmer and his family, a sign maker, a board shaper, and a man who crafts prehistoric tools. They bike and surf and take the two o'clock AM armed watch over the vegetable beds. They meet a tracker, a blade smith, a free diver, and a family of knife throwers. They run into roadkill and many great waves. Altogether a portrait of California only accessible via human-powered travel.