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Height (Feet + Inches) 5'6"
Weight (Kg) 51 - 55 Kg
Ability Intermediate
Comments Tall and skinny skinny! Half the year in Indo West Sumbawa, other half in South West France.
Stock or Custom Dims? Custom
Length (Feet) 6'2"
Width (Inches) Not Sure
Thickness (Inches) Not Sure
Desired Volume (L) 35
Questions / Comments Not sure! Low intermediate level. Wanna progress on turns and duck dives w/ confidence and some speed
Construction Wood/Hemp (100)
Bottom Deck Colour Violet (50)
Top Deck Colour Clear
Rail and Logo Colour Violet (100)
Fins True Ames X Tyler Warren - Tri Fin - Toffee (165)
Traction Eco Pro 1 Piece (80)
Other Stringer (30)
Special Requests You're the pro.
Payment Options Easter
configId ADDqAa39T-VD41KBMKNwC4xf
weight 6
total_price 1575