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Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Point Nose
Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Pin Tail
Outline and Fins - Fin Setup 4 + 1 (100)
Materials - Materials Wood (300)
Dimensions - Name ( will be written on board) SUERTE
Dimensions - What best describes the size of the board you are after? Standard Dimensions
Dimensions - Standard Dims 6'6" X 19 11/16" X 2 1/2" - 35.57L
Colours - Rail Colour Yellow (100)
Colours - Bottom Deck Colour Black (100)
Colours - Top Deck Colour Black (100)
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Diamond
Colours - Logo Colour Yellow
Survey - Whats your instagram name?
Survey - How often do you buy a new board? 1 to 2 years
Survey - Do you typically buy stock or custom boards? Stock
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_0 Durability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_2 Sustainability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_3 Aesthetics
Survey - What did you think of our new custom order form? Any ideas about how we could make it better? It is very intuitive and easy to use. Love the variety of options for nose and tail shape and colours. It would be great if when the new shape is selected, it would load it instantly (without having that blank fraction of a second). it would be great to have 360 renders and the opportunity to zoom
Survey - What would it mean to you if you won this board? It would mean that I would only surf on Verdure surfboards ( the log and this one ) no matter the conditions. Keep up the good Mahi Team
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