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Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Point Nose
Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Diamond Tail
Outline and Fins - Fin Setup Twin
Materials - Materials Hemp
Dimensions - Name ( will be written on board) bad bitch
Dimensions - What best describes the size of the board you are after? Standard Dimensions
Dimensions - Standard Dims 6'7" X 19 15/16" X 2 1/2" - 36.96L
Dimensions - Comments/Questions So hype, love it. If I win I can give my old board tk my little cousin who is starting to surf
Colours - Rail Colour Green (100)
Colours - Bottom Deck Colour Aqua (100)
Colours - Top Deck Colour Aqua (100)
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Diamond
Colours - Logo Colour Green
Colours - Finish Gloss (Polished) (200)
Accessories - Fins Twin Set
Accessories - Twin Fin Set Colour Green (185)
Survey - Whats your instagram name? m.collinsbowman
Survey - How often do you buy a new board? 2 to 5 years
Survey - Do you typically buy stock or custom boards? Stock
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_0 Durability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_2 Sustainability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_4 NZ made
Survey - What did you think of our new custom order form? Any ideas about how we could make it better? Really cool designs and I like the different options for material and stuff. Like how you guys say what the different materials will do in terms of performance and that it is all sustainable because we need to Be more green
Survey - What would it mean to you if you won this board? This would mean so much to me because my dad has been teaching me to surf for a while and now my niece is getting confident in the water and is wanting to surf so by me getting this new board I would be able to give her my old lord so we can all go for a big family surf. Would love this opportunity.
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