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Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Round Nose
Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Round Tail
Outline and Fins - Fin Setup 4 + 1 (100)
Materials - Materials Wood (300)
Dimensions - Name ( will be written on board) Ron The Don
Dimensions - What best describes the size of the board you are after? Thick and Wide
Dimensions - Thick and Wide Dims 6'8" X 20 11/16" X 2 13/16" - 43.16L
Dimensions - Comments/Questions Hey mate, trying to setup a takayama scorpion shape here - let's see how we go ... haven't found how to add a noseriding teardrop yet, but let's see
Colours - Rail Colour Yellow (100)
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Tree
Colours - Logo Colour Umber
Colours - Finish Gloss (Polished) (200)
Colours - Special Requests fc2 fins would be great
Accessories - Fins 2 + 1 Set
Accessories - 2 +1 Fin Set Colour Yellow (255)
Survey - Whats your instagram name?
Survey - How often do you buy a new board? 6 to 12 months
Survey - Do you typically buy stock or custom boards? Stock
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_0 Durability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_1 Performance
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_2 Sustainability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_3 Aesthetics
Survey - What did you think of our new custom order form? Any ideas about how we could make it better? I think it's great, I would love to be able to input things like desired length and volume ... right now I have to choose either length or volume, but i.e. I love short boards with more volume ... so I would have ordered something like 6'6" with 45 litres
Survey - What would it mean to you if you won this board? Ha, that would just simply be insanely sick and the most awesome welcome gift for me moving to NZ and re-entering the NZ surfing community. We are a couple of photographers too, so u'd be getting some in water shots and some decent international insta exposure (12k and 24k followers)
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