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Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Point Nose
Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Diamond Tail
Outline and Fins - Fin Setup 2 + 1 (50)
Materials - Materials Wood (300)
Dimensions - Name ( will be written on board) Rory Molly & Max
Dimensions - What best describes the size of the board you are after? Standard Dimensions
Dimensions - Standard Dims 7'3" X 22" X 2 3/4" - 49.44L
Dimensions - Comments/Questions Custom Mid Length Entry :)
Colours - Rail Colour Violet (100)
Colours - Bottom Deck Colour Green (100)
Colours - Top Deck Colour Teal (100)
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Diamond
Colours - Logo Colour Umber
Colours - Finish Gloss (Polished) (200)
Accessories - Fins 2 + 1 Set
Accessories - 2 +1 Fin Set Colour Orange (255)
Survey - Whats your instagram name? nzrawdog
Survey - How often do you buy a new board? 2 to 5 years
Survey - Do you typically buy stock or custom boards? Stock
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for? Performance
Survey - What did you think of our new custom order form? Any ideas about how we could make it better? It is very user friendly, first time I have tried an online board builder and was stoked!
Survey - What would it mean to you if you won this board? It would mean a family heirloom for me and my kids to enjoy. Sumner is our local spot, so not a huge risk of snapping the board as its one of the most mellow beachies in Aotearoa!
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