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Your Height (Feet + Inches) 5'8"
Your Weight (Kg) 66 - 70 Kg
Your Ability Beginner
Wave Type Beach Break
Wave Shape Fat and Mushy
Wave Size 3 - 4 Foot
Questions/Comments not really sure about the wave shape, probably want to be riding waves a little bigger!
Construction Wood/Wood (300)
Stock or Custom Dims Custom
Length (Feet) 7'6"
Width (Inches) 22"
Thickness (Inches) 2 7/8"
Desired Volume (L) Not Sure
Comments/Questions happy to go with some recomendations. If more or less volume. Ive liked friends boards who are 53 L
Bottom Deck Colour Umber (50)
Top Deck Colour Clear
Rail and Logo Colour Teal (100)
Extras_2_3_0 Stringer (50)
Extras_2_3_3 Side Bites (50)
Finish Wet Sand (Satin) (75)
Centre Fin 4A - Smoke (115)
Side Fins 3.7" (90)
Special Requests again I need help with the finn decision. is the top deck patch purely asthetic?
Payment options Chat to Shaper
How would you like to discuss your board? Phone Call
Date 05/05/2021
Time 11:00 AM