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Height (Feet + Inches) 5'10"
Weight (Kg) 56 - 60 Kg
Ability Beginner
Questions/Comments I've learned to catch green waves on a longboard, but find it's too big and want something smaller.
Stock or Custom Dims Stock
Stock Dims 7'6" - 21 1/2" - 3 1/8" - 53L
Construction Wood/Wood (300)
Bottom Deck Colour Clear
Top Deck Colour Clear
Rail and Logo Colour Orange (100)
Extras_2_4_0 Stringer (50)
Extras_2_4_1 Side Bites (50)
Special Requests Can the rail/logo colour please be "Mustard", the same colour as Jenna's board from your instagram?
Payment Options Easter
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weight 7
total_price 1850