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Your Height (Feet + Inches) 5'8"
Your Weight (Kg) 66 - 70 Kg
Your Ability Beginner
Wave Type Beach Break
Wave Shape Fat and Mushy
Wave Size 3 - 4 Foot
Questions/Comments not really sure about the wave shape, probably want to be riding waves a little bigger!
Construction Wood/Wood (300)
Stock or Custom Dims Custom
Length (Feet) 7'6"
Width (Inches) 22"
Thickness (Inches) Not Sure
Desired Volume (L) 55
Comments/Questions Looking at what stock you have you 7"6 21 1/2 31/8 - 53 L might be close, open to suggestions on all
Bottom Deck Colour Umber (50)
Top Deck Colour Clear
Rail and Logo Colour Teal (100)
Extras Stringer (50)
Finish Wet Sand (Satin) (75)
Centre Fin 4A - Smoke (115)
Special Requests Special Requests: again I need help with the finn decision. is the top deck patch purely asthetic?
Payment options Chat to Shaper
How would you like to discuss your board? Phone Call
Time 04:00 PM