Wooden Surfboard Blank

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Ever dreamed of shaping your own board or starting your own sustainable surfboard brand? Our wooden blanks can help you fast track this and cut out the challenging and toxic processes. 

We can accurately make any shape up to 9'6". Pricing is $125 per foot, RRP is $200 per foot for a clear board. 

Upload your Aku or Shape3d file and select the board length to see pricing. 

You can download the programs here and start designing. 


Aku Shaper

Alternatively we can supply one of our shapes to get you started but only if the board is for personal use and won't be sold. 

Blanks are machine shaped EPS, parabolic bendy ply rails, Vacuum laminated with 4oz hemp + bio resin with an outer 3mm Paulownia skin. Supplied with square rails and skins drum sanded to 120 grit. 

Shape the rails, sand the skins to 240 grit with either sanding blocks or electric sanders, Install hardware (or ask us to do it) then coat with natural oils.

Coating is a 2 step process. 

Step 1 - Penetrating oil

Step 2 - Hard Wax oil 

Applied by rag or roller, no masking or sanding required.  

Alternatively you can  coat these with a plant epoxy resin.

Your files are in good hands, But if you would like us to sign an NDA please email jack@verduresurf.com 

1 year warranty not available on blanks

Volume discounts available for orders of 5 or more, Please contact for a details.